Some personal things I still have yet to do:

Short term (1-3 months)

  1. Knit the partner to the sock I finished in August – I’ve started it, I just need to devote some time to it.
  2. Finish my iPhone app and get it released – Still have a way to go on this one.
  3. Run my first 5K – Was almost up to running a 5K about a year ago.  There is a 5K run/walk at the Zoo this October and I would like to participate.
Mid Term (3 months to 3 years)
  1. Learn to spin wool into yarn – There is just something about being able to produce what you use, in this case yarn.  Plus it gives me a reason to purchase a couple of alpaca.
  2. Have a garage built on my property – I need a garage.  I hate having to clean my car off in the winter and I need storage space.
  3. Have another child – Aidyn keeps asking for a brother or a sister; I am not quite up to that yet.
Long Term (3 years +)
  1. Visit Wales – I would love to see where my grandfather grew up.
  2. Open a yarn shop – My dream is to own a nice casual shop where sitting around knitting and chatting is encouraged and welcomed.
  3. Learn to play the guitar – I’ve always wanted to learn to do this and I even have a guitar.  I just need to take lessons!
This obviously is not everything I wish to do over the course of my life but what is listed are the things that are most important to me at this moment.

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